Huh? Social Centre?

The Basement is proud to be part of the UK Social Centre Network, a group of similar centres around the UK. Social centres also exist around the world, a good directory of international social centres (plus radical bookshops, anarchist infoshops and other interesting places) can be found here, courtesy of the long running American radical newspaper, Slingshot.

Social Centres are self-managed spaces either owned, occupied or leased which take many different forms. Social Centres are a means whereby people can come together to create, conspire, communicate and offer a collective challenge against capitalism.

The idea of Social Centres is not only to occupy social space but to create a critical visible presence in the community where people can engage in radical ideas and events.

Social Centres offer a sense of community and solidarity, affordable food and entertainment, a non-commercial place to relax, talk, meet people or find information on political campaigns, issues and actions.

Why A Social Centre in Manchester City Centre?

(to come)